Dog-walking spots targeted for ‘pick up after your dog’ campaign

Posted on 07 March 2012 by Christchurch and East Dorset Councils

Officers from Christchurch Council and Dorset Police have been mounting a campaign at favourite dog-walking spots in Christchurch to encourage people to ‘pick up’ after their dogs.

The officers have been handing out literature and free dog poop bags and talking to dog walkers.  Their aim has been to make sure that everyone understands that allowing your dog to foul and not picking it up is unacceptable and can lead to a fine or prosecution. 

Andy Jones, Senior Neighbourhood Management Officer at Christchurch Council, said: “Most people we’ve talked to are very responsible and well aware of the need to pick up after their dogs.  They are as disgusted as we are by the people who don’t follow the rule of ‘bag it and bin it’. 

“It can be incredibly difficult to find the culprits as they walk their dogs at night and also very early in the morning. However, by mounting our campaign to cover different times of the day at various locations across the borough, we hope that the message is hitting home”.

The campaign has been targeting Purewell Meadows, Stanpit Recreation Ground, Highcliffe cliff top, Steamer Point nature reserve and River Way Recreation Ground.

At Highcliffe cliff top one dog owner was very aware of the problem.  Amanda Watts goes out walking regularly with her son, William (2) and dog Jack (6).  She said: “You notice the mess more when you have young children – quite often William comes home with dog mess on his shoes.  I always take a dog poo bag with me when we go out.  I’ve seen other people not picking up and offered them a poo bag but they just get huffy and ignore me.

“It’s good to see the officers here to remind people but there are bins here and the problem is caused by people being irresponsible.  Part of your responsibility when you have a dog is to clear up.”

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  1. Herb Spencer Says:

    Hello, Are dog poo bags freely available, if so, where can I collect some
    Herb spencer

  2. Says:

    Hi Herb – Our colleagues at Dorset Dogs have more information about where to get dog pick-up bags cheaply in Dorset: Plus they have lots of other information on their website for Dorset dog owners:

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